GSF Hjaltland, Shetland

Grieg Seafood Hjaltland (GSFH) operates in Shetland, with activities on 39 farm sites in five clusters. GSFH is the largest salmon producer in Shetland, employing 222 people.

Lerwick Fish Traders Ltd handles the harvesting. It is one of the largest salmon packing and processing companies in Shetland, and a fully owned subsidiary of GSFH. About 70% of the salmon production is delivered as whole fish, and the rest as various types of fillet. The fish is mainly exported to markets in the UK, but also Europe, the Far East and North America are important.

GSFH has built a new hatchery, which was completed at the end of 2014. Shetland will shortly be 80% self-supplied with smolts.

The production capacity is 23,000 tons.